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Grey's Anatomy focuses on young people struggling to be doctors and doctors struggling to stay human. It's the drama and intensity of medical training mixed with the funny, sexy, painful lives of interns who are about to discover that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey.
Thursdays @ 9/8 C on ABC

Welcome to ga_icons, the first community of its kind for ABC's new show Grey's Anatomy. This community is faithfully dedicated to the icons created by viewers of the For Grey's Anatomy discussion, we recommend you check out greysanatomy

The Community is currently moderated. You must join the community and your membership will be either rejected or approved (in most cases). If your journal is rejected 3 times, we will then ban you from the community. Here is the basic criteria we are looking for:
At least have some entries in your journal

Partly active, we understand some people have an LJ to post on communities only and don't really make any entries

Have a creation date beyond the date you have applied for membership

Have some text in your profile, even if it's just a disclaimer that the journal is your icon journal only/community posting only. Just don't leave it entirely blank. That just screams troll.


  • Please make sure your graphics/icons posted here relate to Grey's Anatomy.

  • Addison on Private Practice are welcomed but please keep these behind a cut! Post icons related to Grey's Anatomy as your teasers ONLY.

  • You may post your icons directly in this community, or you may link to icons that are in your own journal or community.

  • No linking to friends/members locked entries. No one wants to be forced to join any community. Your post will be deleted without a warning.

  • You may link to a multi-fandom post. ALL teasers or icons posted directly to this community must relate to Grey's Anatomy. The rest must be behind the cut or at your own journal.

  • Spamming for other communities is prohibited. You may promote your own icon journal/community only in a post accompanied by icons/graphics related to Grey's Anatomy.

  • Any community promotions without graphics must have the approval by the Moderators or it will be deleted. Please don't post at a Mod's personal journal. Your request will be ignored and deleted immediately. See this PUBLIC POST to submit your Promotion for approval.

  • Please don't post anything other than icons in this community. (Wallpapers, headers, and other graphics are permitted, so long as they are posted with a minimum of three Grey's Anatomy related icons.)

  • Use lj-cuts when posting more than 4 icons, large graphics, spoiler icons, or icons containing vulgar language or things that not all people may want to see.

  • For three days after a new episode airs you may not post any icons from the new episode as teasers. All icons from the new episode must be posted behind a cut or a fake cut. Be courteous please! If you are doubtful of your icon, just put it under a cut, to be safe.

  • This should go without saying, but only post icons/graphics here that you have made.

  • Any rule violations may lead to your post being removed from the community.

  • Do not hotlink the icons / graphics you take from this community.

  • Follow the individual rules set by different makers if you take their graphics/icons.

  • We will be posting a Request Post every week during the new seasons, probably on weekends. Any request posts will be deleted without a warning.

  • This is not the place to make requests for screen caps, non Grey's Anatomy Graphics or for anything non graphic related. This includes quotes, requests for episode downloads, troubleshoot questions regarding your Photoshop/Capping software, or information on the actors. These types of posts will be immediately deleted.

Grey's Anatomy ABC Official Site

Screen caps :
Grey's Anatomy Screen Captures
Screen Caps of GA by insidethestars
cap_it Search the Memories for Grey's Anatomy
stripedwall.com :: A Screencap collective
Screen Musings

If you see any good sites out there with Grey's Anatomy screen caps, please email one of the moderators or send us a LJ message.


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